Duomo, Milan, Italy

Duomo, Milan, Italy


I started Honestly Bookkeeping because I wanted to travel. And like any sensible person, I decided if I wanted to do this, then starting my own company would be easier than working for another <wink wink>.

My Story

My original educational background is Ancient Mediterranean History (yup!). After hitting brick wall after brick wall trying to get into museum curation, I had one of those break down moments.  Sitting on the couch, crying my eyes out, I realized what was truly important to me at this point in life is to be physically close to the history I love.

So, I spent a year figuring out how to travel extensively and fund said travels. During this time I worked at an investment firm, learning about wealth management and financial operations, which helped spark inspiration to start my own bookkeeping company. To gain more experience, I went through the Bookkeeper Business Launch certification and launched my business and travels during October 2017. Now I’m head over heels in love with my work while also getting to experience meaningful travel.


#travelingbookkeeper locations so far…

Milan, Italy
Venice, Italy
Heraklion, Crete
Paphos, Cyprus
Las Palmas, Canary Islands
Portland, OR
Disneyland, CA
Vancouver, Canada
Asheville, NC