Below are lists of my favorite resources and programs to use for your business. Also listed are resources I’ve created for you, and collaborations where you can learn more.

Note: some of these links are affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you use their service. I genuinely believe in each of these offerings and do not promote anything I don’t 100% love.

*denotes my top favorite

Financial Software

Xero* - accounting software

Stripe* - payment processing

Square - best if you have in-person payments

YNAB* - personal and business budgeting. Get 1 month free with this link.

Gusto* - easy and intuitive payroll processing software

Receipt Management

Hubdoc* - user-friendly receipt management

Receipt Bank - receipt & data management

As Seen On

Belong Magazine - Bringing Home the Bacon

Bold Moves Podcast

Brave Files Podcast - The Road to Everywhere

One Simple Shift Podcast - Getting to Know your Money

Wildleaf Collab - Bookkeeping Setup


Dubsado - contract and invoicing. Get 20% off your first month with this link.

Asana - project management

Trelloproject management

Books & Podcasts

Profit First if you haven't read this, stop everything and get your copy

Creative Empire - business podcast of gold