You're ready to use your money in smart, long-term ways and sustain your business for many years to come. You want to understand how your financials fit into the big picture (v. putting out bookkeeping fires) and use that information as a tool for business growth.

We're an awesome fit if:

You're several years into your business and have reached a level of consistency and stability with your business and finances. What you want now is to use your bookkeeping and numbers to create a plan for the next stage of your business, to be strategic in handling your money, and to have a bookkeeper at your side who can help create that plan.

Hint: that bookkeeper is me.



Audacious Wealth Strategy

Building wealth doesn’t happen by chance. You need a plan and strategy to get you there.

The Audacious Wealth Strategy is a framework which explains how I help you create long-term wealth and think strategically about your finances.


Strategize - Tier 4:

A culmination of the previous tiers, in the Strategize tier you create strategies and growth initiatives for your business so that you can reach your long term goals.

Implement - Tier 3:

In the Implement tier you focus on the ‘how’.  By analyzing past actions, you can make changes to operations and financials and take new action to facilitate growth.

Interpret - Tier 2:

At the Interpret tier, you focus on financial understanding.  It’s a time to reflect on what your bookkeeping and financials are telling you, so you can better understand your current situation.

Compliance - Tier 1:

Compliance is about being lawful and complying with regulation. Here, you focus on making sure you have accurate information and financial systems in place.


I’m Morgaine (pronounced Morgan) – the financial strategist and bookkeeper of Honestly Bookkeeping. I started Honestly Bookkeeping so that I could turn my dream of traveling into a reality. To learn more about the travel component, click here.


Past Professions:
· Ancient Mediterranean historian
· Land steward and horse riding instructor

Personal Life:
· Heel lover
· Avid traveler
· Red lipstick forever
· Champagne for days
· Board member for local non-profit

Bucket List:
· Visit all 7 Ancient Wonders (the original ones)
· Learn to drive stick shift

Personality Types:
· Enneagram Type 5



I’m passionate about giving back to my community. I donate 2% of top line revenue directly to Ekone Ranch, a local non-profit I’ve been involved with since I was 12, which fosters land and nature stewardship, place-based education, and authentic community.

Ekone Ranch is home to a land trust, green burial grounds, and summer camp, which is how I originally became connected to the community. Attending as a summer camper for many years, I then transitioned to staffing camp, and now am a frequent volunteer as well as Board Member.

This was the place I learned what true community means. How my voice matters and can make an impact on the world. How to learn from and grow with a group of people who have a shared vision. I learned what it means to belong. This place is home in all the ways that count.