Cheers to financial success

The face behind the numbers belongs to Morgaine, the bookkeeper, financial strategist, and walking encyclopedia of Honestly Bookkeeping. Learn more.


Financial strategy and bookkeeping. Done honestly.


Consultative Strategy

Built to help with short term questions and DIY assistance, consultative sessions are the perfect answer to: “I need a bookkeeper to help me figure out if I can hire a bookkeeper”.

Ongoing Bookkeeping

Done-for-you bookkeeping and financial strategy on a monthly basis. Ongoing bookkeeping helps you reach your financial dreams and plan strategically while giving you more space to focus on your business.

Cleanup Bookkeeping

For when the “mess” is just too messy, cleanup bookkeeping gets you back on track. Cleanup verifies your systems and numbers are accurate so tax time is a breeze and you can make decisions with confidence.


Build a business that sustains you

Through financial strategy and bookkeeping, Honestly Bookkeeping works with creative entrepreneurs to create long-term wealth and build sustainable businesses.


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