Why Xero and I are besties


Do you have a love affair with one of your softwares? I do! I love Xero. Like, we're besties. BFFs. Friends for life. Xero is a bookkeeping software that makes my life a million times better.

There are so many reasons:

  • Their plans don't nickel and dime you. You get all the features you need from day one to year 10.

  • This is very much about my preference, but each screen has a lot of white space and just space in general. I have this thing where I don't want my info scrunched into a tiny portion of the screen.

  • The user interface is so friendly. They could be a compass that's how good the navigation is.

Using bookkeeping software is a love letter to your future business.

But whatever you use, it is so, so important to have a bookkeeping software. Just using excel or paper is fine....with really small number of expenses and income. Like 20 transactions per month small. Once you get more volume than that, the time it takes to manually update it outweigh the barrier to learn a new software.

Using a bookkeeping software also makes you more legit; trying to get a personal loan or show proof of income? Having the software generated P&L is definitely a leg up from an excel sheet when you're in more official territory.

Having and using the bookkeeping software is a love letter to your future business. Yes, maybe you're small now, but having systems in place that support your business as it gets bigger is so good. Future you is giving you a pat on the back for such planning.

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I’m Morgaine Trine -  the Financial Strategist and Bookkeeper at Honestly Bookkeeping, a firm dedicated to helping creative entrepreneurs create long-term wealth and build sustainable businesses.

The goal of any business isn’t to make money. It’s to support the life, dreams, and goals we each have as an individual. That just happens to take money.  And since it does, I’m here to help you bring in the cash, manage it well, and make informed decisions with your finances.

When not behind the computer screen, I'm reading a book or traveling somewhere new. Probably both.