One Simple Shift Podcast: get to know your money

I'm thrilled to announce my episode of the One Simple Shift podcast by the dear Amanda Dennelly is officially live!

In our conversation we delve into the relationship between fear and money. While I don't work on money mindset much with my clients, what I've noticed overall is a fear of doing something wrong. That somehow you’ll irrevocably screw up your money and life by making one misstep.


This applies to a lot of areas in a business, but there's an added weight of what I affectionately call "the wrath of the IRS," which makes it really hard for business owners, and especially women business owners,  to take action. In many cases, there's a unconscious belief that not taking any action is safer than doing something wrong with your finances.

How do you move beyond this limiting belief? Systems. Financial systems and making it so you have less choices is actually the perfect place to start when you're stuck in fear.  In this episode, we talk about the simple actions and mindset shifts needed to move beyond money fears and start feeling confident with your finances.

About One Simple Shift:

If you haven’t listened to One Simple Shift yet, you are missing out.  I love Amanda’s premise because it is the antithesis of the hustle mindset. It’s a show that cuts through the noise and brings you ONE simple, actionable mindset shift to completely transform the way you show up daily so you can create a beautiful, balanced life and successful, thriving business.

Listen to the episode here.